In the fallout of the OKCupid dataset release, some people wrote a complaint letter to Aarhus University. I haven’t read the letter, but Aarhus University has now replied to it: Reply to Oliver Keyes et al Basically, the letter affirms everything I’ve already said, namely: University was not involved, so: Their ethics rules do not […]

The problem: To install a virtualenv (virtual environment for python) under a common (not user) folder, so that it is accessible to other users. If we try without using sudo, we get a permission error: [go into virtualenv called env] pip3 install fibo >[lots of stuff] >PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/django/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/’ If we try […]

I often share material on Twitter when I find something interesting. This is the primary purpose of Twitter for me: share and find interesting links. Right now, the process is a bit cumbersome. I have to switch tabs and paste the URL manually. Sometimes I need to also copy the title which means another set […]

Abstract A dataset of 127 variables concerning socioeconomic outcomes for US states was analyzed. Of these, 81 were used in a factor analysis. The analysis revealed a general socioeconomic factor. This factor correlated .961 with one from a previous analysis of socioeconomic data for US states.   Introduction It has repeatedly been found that desirable […]

Since James Thompson is posting statistics, here are some for comparison. Note that the statistics for this covers all sites hosted by this server, so that includes: both Danish and English blogs,,, Understanding Statistics, as well as a host of other subsites that can be found via the old front page. Note that […]

Upon reading about the obscene costs of journals, e.g. in this post, I decided to write to my local university library and ask. They responded with this: Hej Emil Du har sendt os et spørgsmål: Jeg er interesseret i at finde ud af hvor mange penge AU bruger hvert år på at købe adgang til […]

A friend of mine and his brother just received their 23andme results. In a table they look like this (I have added myself for comparison): Macrorace Bro1 Bro2 Emil European 52.6 53 99.8 MENA 42.5 41.3 0.2 South Asian 2.8 3.4 0 East Asian & Amerindian 1.1 0.7 0 Sub-Saharan African 0.5 0.5 0 Oceanian […]

For years I have looked for a good alternative to Skype. Skype has some nice features including: Group conversations Voice and video chat A chat history Good interface Ease of use It also have some nasty features I diswant: Closed source Ads NSA et al spying So, the quest is to find something that has […]