This is beyond even normal levels of stupidity seen in politics and smear attacks. Image form for easier reposting Here’s the data from the DST report: Any journalist with even 5% of a brain could have easily verified this. The Norwegian and Finnish data are from Skardhamar et al 2014.

What happens if you take a bunch of socially inept, above average intelligence, and mentally ill people and have them try to do stuff together? Sounds like a disaster. Well… One comment, which I repost here because some are advocating for censorship, is very telling: Comment author: 18239018038528017428 26 May 2017 08:43:41PM *  22 […]

One can find quite a lot of popular articles on the topic: with wildly diverging conclusions. So what is true? It at these times that we want to take a look at the raw data ourselves. Fortunately, The Audacious Epigone did some legwork for us: Item Rep% […]

For whatever reason, John Fuerst created a bunch of different blogs on IQ matters, and posted a lot of nice content all over the place. At some later point, one or two of these were deleted (not clear to me). They also had silly names, so I keep forgetting what they were. So here’s a […]

In the fallout of the OKCupid dataset release, some people wrote a complaint letter to Aarhus University. I haven’t read the letter, but Aarhus University has now replied to it: Reply to Oliver Keyes et al Basically, the letter affirms everything I’ve already said, namely: University was not involved, so: Their ethics rules do not […]

The problem: To install a virtualenv (virtual environment for python) under a common (not user) folder, so that it is accessible to other users. If we try without using sudo, we get a permission error: [go into virtualenv called env] pip3 install fibo >[lots of stuff] >PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/django/env/lib/python3.4/site-packages/’ If we try […]

I often share material on Twitter when I find something interesting. This is the primary purpose of Twitter for me: share and find interesting links. Right now, the process is a bit cumbersome. I have to switch tabs and paste the URL manually. Sometimes I need to also copy the title which means another set […]

Abstract A dataset of 127 variables concerning socioeconomic outcomes for US states was analyzed. Of these, 81 were used in a factor analysis. The analysis revealed a general socioeconomic factor. This factor correlated .961 with one from a previous analysis of socioeconomic data for US states.   Introduction It has repeatedly been found that desirable […]