Some of the talks from ISIR 2016 in Saint Petersburg are now online. In particular, I enjoyed Detterman’s talk, but of course I think he is too pessimistic about reproductive genetics. All the talks were recorded, but only the long ones with the most famous people are published so far, so you will have to […]

Following the publication of another gender pay gap article, I wondered: What kinds of gender gaps do people think are important to talk about? Googling stuff is a crude measure of just this. The results: “gender wage gap” 448,000 “gender pay gap” 462,000 “gender income gap”, 14,000 “gender wealth gap” 4,340 vs. “gender lifespan gap” […]


rpubs.com/EmilOWK/208757 Analysis of the data collected so far, presented side by side with R code. It will be expanded into a proper paper and submitted to OQSPS soonish. Soonish here meaning when Noah gets around to do it! Due to the surprising results, we should probably do a follow-up replication using new subjects. These results […]

There seem to be ways to post knitr documents to WordPress blogs, but until that’s set up, I will be publishing them over at RPubs and posting a link here. The post begins like this: In a post published on his website, Gwern investigates the efficiency of embryo selection. It’s impressive work. In a later […]


One of the things that bother me with the current research on gender differences in personality is the reference group approach problem. Researchers ask questions that require participants to make comparisons between themselves and some implicit group. Gerhard Meisenberg pointed out the problem with this approach for cross-cultural research: A potentially remediable source of low […]

I looked at the evidence regarding electric/powered toothbrushes vs. manual. Generally, for medical topics, the highest quality meta-analyses come from the Cochrane Collaboration. They have a fairly recent review from June 2014 (open access). onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD002281.pub3/full I quote the important parts of the abstract: Background Removing dental plaque may play a key role maintaining oral health. […]

A reader asked me to comment on the predictions/musings by Marty Nemko at his blog. I had never heard of him before, but he’s some kind of coach, radio host and columnist popular in the Bay Area. The decline in good jobs. My optimistic side predicts that improved education and gene editing to improve intelligence […]

I stumbled upon another physicist venturing into someone else’s field and getting things right. I quote from Pinker’s Better Angels: In the early 1950s, two eminent British scholars reflected on the history of war and ventured predictions on what the world should expect in the years to come. One of them was Arnold Toynbee (1889–1975), […]