This is a break from the usual technical sciency stuff! I talked with John Fuerst about how weird it is that people all over the Western world were watching the same American produced cartoons as a child. A kind of pan-Western world environmental effect, if there are any long term effects of watching these, aside […]

I had the impression that, since recognition of [problem] dates back at least to [person from a long time ago], there was a voluminous literature and [statistics to deal with the problem] was a solved problem, so I’m a little troubled that you seem to be trying to invent your own methods and aren’t citing […]

I recently published a paper in Open Differential Psychology. After it was published, I decided to tell some colleagues about it so that they would not miss it because it is not published in any of the two primary journals in the field: Intell or PAID (Intelligence, Personal and Individual Differences). My email is this: […]

05 June 2013 Dear Site Administrator: The undersigned declares under penalty of perjury that I am authorized to act on behalf of the above referenced author, the owner of copyright in the Intellectual Property, and Hachette Book Group, Inc., the exclusive US publisher of the Intellectual Property, including without limitation, the cover and other art […]

I forgot to mention that i hav riten a post about polymathy and copyriet reform over at Project Polymath. Reposted below. Direct link to post. —- Introduction Polymaths are people with a deep knowledge of multiple academic fields, and often various other interests as well, especially artistic, but sometimes even things like tropical exploring. Here […]

Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet ebook pdf download free u really shud buy it if u want to read it, just to support Wikileaks. its priced at 10$ for a DRM-free PDF. heres another review the summary is that its a rather short book, 170ish pages, which is based on a four […]

Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter the Public Domain Empirical Tests of Copyright Term Extension   The most interesting thing about this paper was the arguments put forward by the supporters of copyright extension. They are so distressingly bad that it seems pointless to empirically test them. Theoretical arguments are sufficient to show […]

Against intellectual Monopoly In general, this is an interesting book about patents. It is at times combatant in its language use, other times more neutral. I think it wud have been wiser to use less loaded terms, but it didnt bother me too much. The criticism of IPR is generally sensible, and their case persuasive […]

Following recent news that Google will start downgrading sites that have received many DMCA complaints, it is time to show Google why this system is hopeless. To do so, we must game the system, to show how it doesn’t work. To avoid collateral damage, we do so by using it against Google’s own services. Youtube, […]

Official loation. Download mirror: Copyright and Innovation The Untold Story   It reads like a series of cases studies of how horribly the current legislation is being abused.     Abstract: Copyright has an innovation problem. Judicial decisions, private enforcement, and public dialogue ignore innovation and overemphasize the harms of copyright infringement. Just to pick […]