I’ve always considered myself a very rational and fairly unbiased person. Being aware of the general tendency for people to overestimate themselves (see also visualization of the Dunning-Kruger effect), this of course reduces my confidence in my own estimates of these. So what better to do than take some actual tests? I have previously taken […]

BMI (body mass index) is often used a proxy for fat percent or similar measures. This is for a good reason: So, the mean correlation across age groups and gender is very high, around .77 (unweighted mean across genders). There is a clear age gradient such that the correlation being higher at younger ages, which […]

Some quotes from Giving Debiasing Away: Can Psychological Research on Correcting Cognitive Errors Promote Human Welfare? by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Rachel Ammirati, and Kristin Landfield. I was happy to learn that Lilienfeld is part of the neorational movement! I have already read one of his books, 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions […]

I recently stumbled upon this profile on OKCupid (her profile, my profile). She is obviously a very bright person and well-read as well. So prominent that i shud have heard of her, given that she has nearly identical interests to me. So, i used my Google-fu and tried “vulcan straw rational talk” and instantly found […]

arstechnica.com/science/news/2012/04/thinking-in-foreign-language-makes-decisions-more-rational.ars This surely sounds like one of those dubious psychology experiments. U know the type, the type with a single or perhaps two small experiments that were slightly below p<0.05 and therefore publishable. So, i decided to take a look. The Foreign-Language Effect Thinking in a Foreign Tongue Reduces Decision Biases In general, there is […]

The two goals: 1) having true beliefs, 2) not having false beliefs may seem to be equivalent or something like that, but they in fact result in different optimal strats. Not having false beliefs If one has only goal (2), the optimal strat is to believe as few things as possible, suspending belief about most […]

I found dhe esae from reeding anodher tekst (very komon praktis): soundproofsuite1850.blogspot.com/2007/12/book-review-which-way-western-man.html Dhe abov is aktualy orlsoe worth reeding. It is a book revuew of a book with very unpopular ideas, but shuurly som good peeses among dhem. Heer is dhe opening: “SEATTLE, Washington – Now why would I be reviewing this book, which was […]