I had the impression that, since recognition of [problem] dates back at least to [person from a long time ago], there was a voluminous literature and [statistics to deal with the problem] was a solved problem, so I’m a little troubled that you seem to be trying to invent your own methods and aren’t citing […]

I had my first Twitter controversy. So: @StuartJRitchie @FrontiersIn is a predatory open access journal. Publication fee is 1600€ t.co/zxdCppVR0J t.co/BUCXliIXwG — Emil OW Kirkegaard (@KirkegaardEmil) September 27, 2014 @KirkegaardEmil @StuartJRitchie you do realize that you are paying ~5000 per article for 'normal' journals? Nothing predatory about it — rogier kievit (@rogierK) September 28, 2014 […]

Perhaps the easiest way to convince yourself is by scanning the literature of soft psychology over the last 30 years and noticing what happens to theories. Most of them suffer the fate that General MacArthur ascribed to old generals—They never die, they just slowly fade away. In the developed sciences, theories tend either to become […]

[Philip_E._Tetlock]_Expert_Political_Judgment_How(Bookos.org) Very interesting book! —- Game Theorists. The rivalry between Sherlock Holmes and the evil genius Professor Moriarty illustrates how indeterminacy can arise as a natural by-product of rational agents second-guessing each other. When the two first met, Moriarty was eager, too eager, to display his capacity for interactive thinking by announcing: “All I have […]

beyond the hoax – alan sokal Much of the material is the same as in Sokal and Bricmont’s earlier book. But there is some new material as well. I especially found the stuff on hindu nationalism and pseudoscience interesting, and the stuff on pseudoscience in nursing. Never heard of that before, but it wasnt totally […]

Science and pseudoscience in clinical psychology – edited by Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Jeffrey M. Lohr.   Has a good discussion of the nature of science. som interesting discussions of varius dodgy and otherwise untested ideas in clinical psychology.   —   about the book:   As Bob Dylan wrote, “The times they […]

I recently came across an interesting journal: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perspectives_on_Psychological_Science_%28journal%29 It was becus of a recent issue about the status of psychology as a scientific field. Its both distressing and very interesting reading. Here are the papers: Editors Introduction to the Special Section on Replicability in Psychological Science A Crisis of Confidence? Is the Replicability Crisis Overblown […]

Steven Weinberg “Against Philosophy” Great text. The beginning: Physicists get so much help from subjective and often vague aesthetic judgments that it might be expected that we would be helped also by philosophy, out of which after all our science evolved. Can philosophy give us any guidance toward a final theory? The value today of […]