Medical researchers have noticed that some diseases differ by SIRE (self-identified race/ethnicity) groups which differ by genomic (racial) ancestry. Hence, when genomic measures became available (last 15 years or so), they measured peoples relative proportions of ancestry in mixed populations to see if the diseases would be predictable by ancestry. They were. This establishes with […]

A link on Reddit claimed that exercise could be an effective treatment for depression. I felt it necessary to comment that: Exercise does not have a causal effect on depression or happiness according to twin-control studies (1, 2). Another person replied with a meta-analysis which I then took a look at. It showed a large […]

BMI is often used a proxy for fat percent or similar measures. BMI has a proven track record of predictive power of many health conditions, yet it still receives lots of criticism due to the fact that it gives misleading results for some groups, notably body builders. There is a conceptual link here with the […]

Same guy proposed another idea. Wikipedia has data here. However, since i had previously seen that people fudge data on Wikipedia articles (e.g. this one), then maybe it was not a good idea to just rely on Wikipedia. So i did the best thing: fetched both the data from Wiki and the data from the […]

An online acquaintance asked me me to find data about these two and look for a relationship. It stands to reason that if you have a country where people die of lots of other things (accidents, warfare, parasites/contagious disease, hunger/thirst), they don’t ling long enough to get cancer. I already had life expectancy data from […]   Having already read Peter Gøtzsche’s Dødelig medicin og organiseret kriminalitet: Hvordan medicinalindustrien har korrumperet sundhedsvæsenet. Art People, 2013, this book did not bring so much new. However, it did present things better than Gøtzsche did. To be fair, he focused mostly on proving that the farma industry are organized criminals. I agree, […]

Kuliev, Anver, and Yury Verlinsky. “Preimplantation diagnosis: a realistic option for assisted reproduction and genetic practice.” Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology 17.2 (2005): 179-183. Preimplantation diagnosis a realistic option for assisted reproduction and genetic practice Purpose of review Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) allows genetically disadvantaged couples to reproduce, while avoiding the birth of children […]

I recently got interested in a new field Cognitive epidemiology is a field of research that examines the associations between intelligence test scores (IQ scores or extracted g-factors) and health, more specifically morbidity (mental and physical) and mortality. Typically, test scores are obtained at an early age, and compared to later morbidity and mortality. […]

From somone named <Anonymous> on G+ i saw a link to a blogpost from a doctor about the dangers of fouride. that sounded interesting but potentially nutty (conspiracy nuts like such ideas). from reading the discussion at varius sites it was still unclear what i shud believe. so i downloaded the actual study cited and […]

I really just was curious to know how whores in older times avoided getting pregnant… but it turned into a longer read. Here are some excerpts. Enjoy :) – The history of condoms goes back at least several centuries, and perhaps beyond. For most of their history, condoms have been used both as a […]