I was asked to comment on this Reddit thread: www.reddit.com/r/netsec/comments/s1t2c/netsec_how_would_you_design_an_electronic_voting/   This post is written with the assumption that a bitcoin-like system is used.   Nirvana / perfect solution fallacy I agree. I don’t think an electronic system needs to solve every problem present in a paper system, it just needs to be better. Right […]

The impact of genetic enhancement on equality found via another paper: The rhetoric and reality of gap closing—when the “have-nots” gain but the “haves” gain even more (Stephen J. Ceci and Paul B. Papierno), which i was reading becus i was reading varius papers on Linda Gottfredson’s homepage. Abstract: There apparently  is a genuine  possibility  that  […]

Very interesting two papers by Somin! I will definitely check out his other stuff when i have time. I just took the time off reading papers before i start reading book #2 on patents (Against Intellectual Monopoly). Deliberative Democracy and Political Ignorance –   ABSTRACT: Advocates of ‘‘deliberative democracy’’ want citizens to actively participate in […]

Knowledge About Ignorance New Directions in the Study of Political Information Quotes from   If political ignorance is rational and most voters choose not to learn much about politics for that reason, widespread ignorance is a phenom- enon that democracies will probably have to live with for the foresee- able future. The challenge for democracy […]

First read: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evidence-based_policy Then, Mad Cows and Ecstasy: Chance and Choice in an Evidence-Based Society by: Adrian F. M. Smith Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A (Statistics in Society), Vol. 159, No. 3. (1996), pp. 367-383, doi:10.2307/2983324 Mad cows and ecstacy chance and choice in an evidence-based society “Most of us with rationalist […]

More mainstream article that mentioned the study: news.yahoo.com/people-arent-smart-enough-democracy-flourish-scientists-185601411.html The actual paper: A Mathematical Model of Democratic Elections Original Dunning-Kruger paper: unskilledandunaware “Abstract: Democratic election is the preferred method for determining political administrators nowadays. The intention is to find the best possible leader in order to improve the group’s competitiveness and success. Though preferred, democratic election […]

From a 4chan thread: OP: What’s the difference between nationalism and patriotism? Emil: l2google. Spent <5 mins on Google and found this. plato.stanford.edu/entries/patriotism/#PatNat Because you may not know how to do a proper search. Here is what I did: 1. Googled “difference patriotism nationalism” 2. Checked various sites looking for something reliable. failed to find […]