In the review of a paper submitted to ODP some time ago, the issue of a general extremism factor in religion came up. Unfortunately, Dutton deleted the submission thread, so the discussion is forever lost to history (possibly could be recovered from backups of the forum, but not worth the trouble; Yes I looked at […]

beyond the hoax – alan sokal Much of the material is the same as in Sokal and Bricmont’s earlier book. But there is some new material as well. I especially found the stuff on hindu nationalism and pseudoscience interesting, and the stuff on pseudoscience in nursing. Never heard of that before, but it wasnt totally […]

As i remarked to Maggie McNeill Maggie McNeill I don’t believe in Hell, but I do believe in karma. And it’s going to be a long, long time before these savages work their way up into the range of full humanity. The important thing in the meantime is for the rest of us to stop […]

The Kalam Cosmological Argument provides no support for theism7.6pdf version. Long post ahed. The Kalam Cosmological Argument provides no support for theism 0) Introduction 1) A contradiction follows from William Lane Craig’s position 2) A tensed theory of time entails that it’s not the case that the actual world contains a state of affairs S […]

Amitai Shenhav, David G. Rand, and Joshua D. Greene – Divine Intuition Cognitive Style Influences Belief in God A very interesting study. Be sure to also check out Greene’s website wich has a lot of useful material. Also, thanks to Gene Expression for letting me no about this study. Edited to add Here is the […]

aupmanyav “Mythology is a very rational foundation for values of life. It gives many situations and how people acted in those situations, and what was the effect of these actions. So, you have many options and one chooses one of them or is guided by one. There is no faith involved in this. Even Gods […]

If you happen to know about evolutionary peaks, good. If not I will briefly try to explain it though it is best if you know about evolutionary theory. An evolutionary peak is a possible genome in the vicinity of which there is no other more fit genome. All mutations that could happen would result in […]