It seems that no one has integrated this literature yet. I will take a quick stab at it here. It could be expanded into a proper paper later in case someone wants to and have time to do that. Stereotypes Lee Jussim (also blog) has done a tremendous job at reviewing the stereotype literature in […]

@JamesPsychol Those results don't look real to me. Betas are never exactly identical across models. — Emil OW Kirkegaard (@KirkegaardEmil) September 8, 2015 @JamesPsychol @KirkegaardEmil FSIQ is uncorrelated with the residualized factor index scores, so its beta doesn't change across models. — Timofey Pnin (@pnin1957) September 8, 2015 Let’s test that. Since we don’t have […]

G.M. IQ & Economic growth I noted down some comments while reading it. — In Table 1, Dominican birth cohort is reversed.   “0.70 and 0.80 in world-wide country samples. Figure 1 gives an impression of this relationship.”   Figure 1 shows regional IQs, not GDP relationships. “We still depend on these descriptive methods of […]

Jan te Nijenhuis, Birthe Jongeneel-Grimen and Emil O. W. Kirkegaard. Are Headstart gains on the g factor?: A meta-analysis. Intelligence. Volume 46, September–October 2014, Pages 209–215   If all goes well, it may be the only paper i publish in Intelligence.   Primary author is a cool guy: The second author is his former […]

Recently, the twin-control design has been used to test causal models (e.g. exercise→happiness, exercise→¬depression/anxiety symptoms, casual sex→depression/suicidal thoughts). The theory is simple. Suppose we do a standard cross-sectional design study and find that X and Y are correlated. Suppose we suspect that X causes Y. Then, if X causes Y, then one would expect to […] So i kept finding references to this book in papers, so i decided to read it. It is a quick read introducing behavior genetics and the results from it to lay readers and perhaps policy makers. The book is overly long (200) for its content, it cud easily have been cut 30 pages. […]

Posted on reddit.   This is your best film yet, and that says something. For automatization for clinical decisions, it has been known for decades that simple algorithms are better than humans. This has so far not been put to much practice, but it will eventually. See review article: Grove, W. M., Zald, D. H., […]

Downloaded from here:   –   I came across Sommers years ago when i read her interview here:   It had this bit:   MS. PAGLIA: Well, one of the things that got me pilloried from coast to coast was when I wrote a piece on date rape for Newsday in January […]

Data are based on GRE averages. Data from here: I have sorted them for Average-SDU, i.e. estimated g (intelligence). As a funny note, top 10 includes 5 different physics fields. #11 is also physics… Data file here: IQ data by academic field GRE Illustrations from the same source. Field V-mean M-mean V-SDU M-SDU Average-SDU […]

The One World Schoolhouse – Salman Khan ebook free download pdf This is a short, easy to read, nonacademic (few references) book. it has som shortcomings on matters dealing with test taking and intelligence tests, but isnt that important for the main topics of the book. this book shud be read by anyone interested in […]