People commonly ascribe large effects to having this or that teacher, or this or that classmate. They usually cite some anecdotes from their personal lives for this, but large sample size, systematic data are strongly negative on the idea. This means that to the extent one can measure things, teachers are largely interchangeable in terms […]

May be another case of a zombie idea: one that keeps being refuted only to come back under another term, and then await refutation for 10-20 years. It is also fairly obvious: systematic approaches to more or less everything work better than ad hoc, haphazard ones. There’s no reason to expect this also not to […]

Disclaimer: I only took a brief look. Doing the reading and writing this post took maybe 30 minutes. I may have missed something, but unlikely it would have a major effect on the conclusions. I so very much want to believe this! Expert criticism wanted. @KirkegaardEmil @turingcop @ProfSteveFuller @JamesPsychol — Chris Cooper (@chris_r_cooper) March […]

Some of the talks from ISIR 2016 in Saint Petersburg are now online. In particular, I enjoyed Detterman’s talk, but of course I think he is too pessimistic about reproductive genetics. All the talks were recorded, but only the long ones with the most famous people are published so far, so you will have to […]

A reader asked me to comment on the predictions/musings by Marty Nemko at his blog. I had never heard of him before, but he’s some kind of coach, radio host and columnist popular in the Bay Area. The decline in good jobs. My optimistic side predicts that improved education and gene editing to improve intelligence […]

It seems that no one has integrated this literature yet. I will take a quick stab at it here. It could be expanded into a proper paper later in case someone wants to and have time to do that. Stereotypes Lee Jussim (also blog) has done a tremendous job at reviewing the stereotype literature in […]

@JamesPsychol Those results don't look real to me. Betas are never exactly identical across models. — Emil OW Kirkegaard (@KirkegaardEmil) September 8, 2015 @JamesPsychol @KirkegaardEmil FSIQ is uncorrelated with the residualized factor index scores, so its beta doesn't change across models. — Timofey Pnin (@pnin1957) September 8, 2015 Let’s test that. Since we don’t have […]

G.M. IQ & Economic growth I noted down some comments while reading it. — In Table 1, Dominican birth cohort is reversed.   “0.70 and 0.80 in world-wide country samples. Figure 1 gives an impression of this relationship.”   Figure 1 shows regional IQs, not GDP relationships. “We still depend on these descriptive methods of […]