I was working on a study and while doing so, I updated all my R packages. To my surprise, this changed the results in my analysis to a degree that it caused a change in the conclusion. I suspected it was due to an update in the psych package. The update notes read: Bug fixed […]


I wrote about this before, but since this is a frequent problem and my last post wasn’t brief, here’s a shorter version. The primary way to install software in Linux is to rely on apt-get (apt in Mint) or some other package manager. The way this works is that there is a central server which […]

We need dplyr for this: library(dplyr) First, use the anon user to log into the SQL server (user = “anon”, pass = “”, ip = “”, port = 3306): sql = src_mysql(“population_freqs”, host = “”, user = “anon”, port = 3306) Select the 1000 genomes phase 3 table: sql_1kg = tbl(sql, “1000genomes_phase3”) #look at the […]


rpubs.com/EmilOWK/208757 Analysis of the data collected so far, presented side by side with R code. It will be expanded into a proper paper and submitted to OQSPS soonish. Soonish here meaning when Noah gets around to do it! Due to the surprising results, we should probably do a follow-up replication using new subjects. These results […]

Suppose you have some function that returns possibly nested lists with empty lists inside. Worse, they may have lists with lists with an empty list inside. And suppose you want to get rid of all the empty lists, including those that just have other lists with empty lists inside. Like this: a = [1, [2, […]

Today I was trying to install the MBESS package. One of its dependencies is the gsl package. However, trying to install that package gave the following error: cp: cannot stat ‘*.gcno’: No such file or directory Makevars:45: recipe for target ‘save-gcno’ failed make: [save-gcno] Error 1 (ignored) Googling it gave 0 results, which is a […]

cinnamon crash no disk space

I have the problem that many people have: Virtualbox refuses to increase the so-called dynamic disk. The result is that at some point one runs out of space and one can be unlucky about the timing! I was in the middle of installing Rodeo (this is a Python clone of RStudio) and its dependencies when […]


I am working on a website where we need to present a large amount of information in a hierarchical list. The list will have several thousand elements so it seems best not to present it all immediately. Instead, we want to use a collapsible list so that users can expand the elements they are interested […]