This text used to be hosted at Shalizi‘s university website, but it was recently taken down for unknown reasons. However, Internet Archive saves us, and I repost it here because it’s interesting and so it doesn’t get lost. This text has circulated quite a number of times on Usenet, and so far as I know […]

Cambridge.University.Press.Analyzing.Grammar.An.Introduction.Jun.2005 free pdf download   Overall, there is nothing much to say about this book. It covers most stuff. Neither particularly good, or interesting, or particularly bad or uninteresting, IMO. — Forexample, what is the meaning of the word hello? What information does it convey? It is a very difficult word to define, but every […]

From here. – Kennethamy Frankly I cannot answer your question about Lancan because I really don’t understand what he is saying. However, let me ask you, in turn, what you think about the following quotation from Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. I think it is relevant to this discussion. We are under the illusion that what is […]

Negation_in_English_and_Other_Languages pdf download ebook free This book is actually very advanced for its age. it contains lots of stuff of interest to logicians and linguists, even those reading it today. the thing that annoys me the most is the poor quality of the scan making reading a hazzle. second to that comes the untranslated quotes […]

This is another of those ideas that ive had independently, and that it turned out that others had thought of before me, by thousands of years in this case. The idea is that longer expressions of language as made out of smaller parts of language, and that the meaning of the whole is determined by […]

    I just wanted to look up some stuff on the questions that a teacher had posed. Since i dont actually have the book, and since one cant search properly in paper books, i googled around instead, and ofc ended up at Wikipedia…   and it took off as usual. Here are the tabs […]

Victoria Fromkin, Robert Rodman, Nina Hyams – An Introduction to Language I thought i better read a linguistics textbook before i start studying it formally. Who wud want to look like a noob? ;) I have not read any other textbook on this subject, but i think it was a fairly typical okish textbook. Many […] I cudnt find it online due to the dam copyright trolls. – Same with this one. – Noam Chomsky on nonsense pomo. Since no one has succeeded in showing me what I’m missing, we’re left with the second option: I’m just incapable of understanding. I’m certainly willing to grant that […]