Dunkel, C. S., Woodley of Menie, M. A., Pallesen, J., & Kirkegaard, E. O. (2019). Polygenic scores mediate the Jewish phenotypic advantage in educational attainment and cognitive ability compared with Catholics and Lutherans. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. So predictably, our study on Jewish IQ has elicited some rather harsh (and in some cases moralistic) criticisms from […]

Paul Graham‘s 2004 essay What you can’t say had a big influence on me and remains my favorite essay. In he argued essentially that popular morality shows fashion tendencies i.e. that it varies over time but for no evidence-linked reason. What is at one time considered a grievous moral evil is later considered not a […]

I tweeted about this already, but I’m dumping some notes here for future reference. The Wordsum is a 10 word vocabulary test that’s been used for decades as a brief measure of intelligence. It’s most prominently used in the General Social Survey (GSS), a recurrent US survey of various social matters that’s been going on […]

See previous post about quotes from the medical genetics and physical anthropology literature on admixture analysis and the causal interpretation. There’s quite a few older admixture studies that examined relationships between racial ancestry and intelligence. Most of these used quite crude methods such as interviewer judgement. Some used a better method, namely objectively measured skin […]

There’s a certain type of person that doesn’t produce any empirical contribution to “Reducing the heredity-environment uncertainty”. Instead, they contribute various theoretical arguments which they take to undermine the empirical data others give. Usually, these people have a background in philosophy or some other theoretical field. A recent example of this pattern is seen on […]

Sometimes people argue that one shouldn’t even be allowed to research race and intelligence causes. I’m sometimes asked directly why I choose to study this topic. Well, I could outline a number of reasons, but this would be endlessly quote mined by SJWs as proof of my wicked spirit. Of course, as usually noted, no […]

In the program for the 2009 ISIR conference, we find something interesting: In Jelte’s CV from 2011, we see it too: It’s also there in the 2012 version, but it has disappeared in the 2014 version. Occasionally, one can find references to it in other places: and here: So, one might guess that it was […]

I am reading over James Flynn’s book on Arthur Jensen, Race and IQ from 1980. It’s very interesting from a historical perspective, and probably the best description of Jensen’s views writing by someone who disagreed with him. After a long discussion of the interpretation of the Eyferth study of offspring of US soldiers in post-WW2 […]

Mehta, C. M., Malins, J. G., Noble, K. G., & Gruen, J. R. (2017). Cortical area and subcortical volume mediate the effect of parental education and adverse experiences on cognitive performance in youth. bioRxiv, 160424. Remember “poverty shrinks the brain from birth”? From birth! Fast acting that poverty, actually before birth too. Anyway, Kimberly Noble […]

1976, Constance Baker Motley, African American judge: Judicial predictions of reduction or elimination of the RAG through color – based decisions approached the l udicrous. In rendering the decisive vote on the High Court decision Grutter vs. Bolling (539 U.S. 2003) and endorsing a continuing legality of quotas, Justice Sandra Day O ’ Connor averred, […]