Earlier posts: Something about certainty, proofs in math, induction/abduction, Is the summed cubes equal to the squared sum of counting integer series? The things I’m going to say for math are equally true for logic, so whenever I write “math”, just mentally substitute to “math and logic”. Here I’m going to be talking about something […]

[Philip_E._Tetlock]_Expert_Political_Judgment_How(Bookos.org) Very interesting book! —- Game Theorists. The rivalry between Sherlock Holmes and the evil genius Professor Moriarty illustrates how indeterminacy can arise as a natural by-product of rational agents second-guessing each other. When the two first met, Moriarty was eager, too eager, to display his capacity for interactive thinking by announcing: “All I have […]

The Signal and the Noise Why So Many Predictions Fail – but Some Don’t Nate Silver 544p   It is a pretty interesting book especially becus it covers some areas of science not usually covered in popsci (geology, meteorology), and i learned a lot. it is also clearly written and easy to read, which speeds […]

beyond the hoax – alan sokal Much of the material is the same as in Sokal and Bricmont’s earlier book. But there is some new material as well. I especially found the stuff on hindu nationalism and pseudoscience interesting, and the stuff on pseudoscience in nursing. Never heard of that before, but it wasnt totally […]

[11:22:42] The Midget – Miao: Who the fuck is Isstsidwmnh? [11:23:09] The Midget – Miao: [05:52:19] Isstsidwmnh: We have no capacity to falsify the existence of reality. That does not mean we throw away reality. In fact… that means we embrace it! [05:52:32] Isstsidwmnh: If something is too obviously true, then my only criticism is […]

This conversation followed me posting the post just before, and several people bringing up the same proof. Aowpwtomsihermng = Afraid of what people will think of me, so i had Emil remove my name-guy [09:57:00] Emil – Deleet: mathbin.net/109013 [09:58:50] Aowpwtomsihermng: Your mates know their algebra. [10:00:09] Emil – Deleet: this guy is a mathematician […]

The reason to post the other post about the KKp is that i was having a conversation with a friend about it. Turns out he is a supporter of it. I think it is rather obvious that it isnt true. I posted the argument about infinite beliefs already, but there is more to be said […]

(KK)If one knows that p, then one knows that one knows that p. Definitions A0is the proposition that 1+1=2. A1is the proposition that Emil knows that 1+1=2. A2is the proposition that Emil knows that Emil knows that 1+1=2. … Anis the proposition that Emil knows that Emil knows that … that 1+1=2. Where “…” is […]

In general, this book is full of repetitions, and so it can easily get boring to read. The book shud have been 50-100 pages shorter, then it wud have been much better. Aside from that, the book is okay. I wudnt particularly recommend reading it, but i wudnt particularly recommend not reading it either. Altho […]

Quantum Theory – A Very Short Introduction I have recently been in some discussions about the interpretation of quantum mechanics and the potential consequences of those interpretations. My chief opponent (we may call him) is a Copenhagen interpretation theorist. He has some rather odd views that are incoherent in themselves but apparently common among fysicists […]