I have/had this conversation on OKCupid. It seemed shareworthy. I’m red, and the other person is blue. — Your profile mentions eugenics as an interest… is that from a pro or anti stance? Or neutral? – Pro, although not like how eugenics was practiced in Europe in the 30’s. Big supporter of liberal eugenics, with […]

From here. btw this thread was one of the many discussions that helped form my views about what wud later become the essay about begging the question, and the essay about how to define “deductive argument” and “inductive argument”. Reconstructo  Do you know much about Jung’s theory of archetypes? If so, what do you make […]

From here. – Kennethamy Frankly I cannot answer your question about Lancan because I really don’t understand what he is saying. However, let me ask you, in turn, what you think about the following quotation from Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. I think it is relevant to this discussion. We are under the illusion that what is […]

From here. – Kennethamy So many threads ask whether this or that is logical. Is probabllity logical? Are moral arguments logical? And so on. I never know what it is being asked by such questions. Is there something clear and specific that is being asked by the question, is X logical? What is it? Kroni […]

I used to discuss alot of filosofy, especially on internet forums. One forum was philosophy boards, i think. it changed its name and merged with another forum, and its software is now trash. however, by fortuitous coincidence, i stumbled upon an old discussion of mine on Google. too bad the forum software makes it difficult […]

[11:19:25] Jens Arhøj – Strawb: Tfw reading Game of Thrones >The author doesn’t use commas as often as I would like >I really pick the wrong things to focus on [11:19:34] Emil – Deleet: yes [11:19:36 | Edited 11:19:52] Emil – Deleet: commas, suck [11:19:55 | Edited 11:20:06] Jens Arhøj – Strawb: Damn, you — […]

[11:22:42] The Midget – Miao: Who the fuck is Isstsidwmnh? [11:23:09] The Midget – Miao: [05:52:19] Isstsidwmnh: We have no capacity to falsify the existence of reality. That does not mean we throw away reality. In fact… that means we embrace it! [05:52:32] Isstsidwmnh: If something is too obviously true, then my only criticism is […]

a conversation with “I said stupid things so i dont want my name here” [04:22:58] Isstsidwmnh: Did I tell you I read “Civilization and its Discontents” by Freud? [04:23:07] Isstsidwmnh: It seemed like a work of good quality. [04:23:17] Isstsidwmnh: I dont understand why individuals (like I suspect you) dislike freud. [04:39:10] Emil – Deleet: […]