————– Introduction In this essay I will explore the two major competing nomenclatures concerned with the definition of atheism, theism and agnosticism. Then I will argue that the new nomenclature is to be preferred. Then I discuss various issues with atheism/theism and agnosticism. After that I reveal a questionnaire that one can use to […]

Over at FRDB we recently discussed whether propositions are objective (i.e. exist independent of any mind). Usually, I prefer to take a nominalist approach, but in this thread I decided to assume the role of a platonist. Physicalist, a nominalist, wrote that: […] the proposition “the universe exists” did not exist before there were conscious […]

Researches [Who?] has recently discovered that the universe is made of failium. Failium is a newly discovered element which has the number 0. It has the remarkable ability to fail at whatever it is doing. So far, failium has been detected in all samples tested for it. This was done using a newly devised test. […]