Wiki. Source. Kennethamy: Well, here is an example: in English we use the terms, “believe” and “know” very differently, from which we can infer that there is a difference between “believing” and “knowing”. For instance, we say, “Joe believes that La Paz is the capital of Ecuador, but he is wrong”. We never say, “Joe […]

Two days ago, Blizzard posted some statistical data about the top 200 (really is 199) players in Europe. I did a bit of statistical analysis on that data and made some nice illustrations as seen below. The data is self-explanatory, but the explanation is unknown to me. It need not necessarily be the case that […]

In two articles one can read about the how some people think we should save the music industry. How to save the music industry by Paul McGuinness. U2’s manager: how to save the music industry by Neil McCormick. The first is a pretty standard article written by lobbyists. It contains the usual piracy is stealing, […]