“[speaking of going back in time] I’d particularly like to go back to my own childhood, see if things look as I recall them.” Ira blinked. “Run a chance of running into yourself?” “Why not?” “Well . . there are paradoxes, are there not?” “How? If I’m going to, then I did. That old cliche […]

“If I must wait a thousand years to understand that word,” Hamadryad replied, “then I probably never will. Minerva says that it cannot be defined in Galacta and even when I speak Classic English, I find that I think in Galacta, which means that I do not really grasp English. Since the word love’ occurs […]

Some of you may have noticed that I have removed the links from the blogs and moved them to the front page. I am in the middle of major overhaul of the website including creating separate non-Wordpress sub-sites for my different projects (listed on the front page). Expect further changes in the future.

Introduction In this essay I answer the question in the title with a very confident “Yes”, I give multiple arguments for this answer. For the purposes of this essay a pluralistic proposition theory of truth carriers with sentences as secondary truth carriers is assumed. The background and the reason for writing this essay is that […]

“Suppose that there is a trolley that is headed toward five people tied to the tracks ahead. There is no switch, but there is a bridge with you and someone else on it. But in this case, this is no wimpy trolley; a mere man in its way will not significantly affect its movement; it […]