Web version. Pdf version. It is the most reasonable thing I have ever read about drug policy. It is almost unfathomable to think that this is the case. It is so mind-bogglingly stupid, almost beyond comprehension. I donated $100 to the organization on the basis of this. If you really believe something, believe it with […]

aupmanyav “Mythology is a very rational foundation for values of life. It gives many situations and how people acted in those situations, and what was the effect of these actions. So, you have many options and one chooses one of them or is guided by one. There is no faith involved in this. Even Gods […]

“Trying to define “classical music” in a short phrase (or a few sentences) is a forlorn task. The very attempt is the product of an outmoded and insupportable theory of definition. To cut a long story short, you might want to have a look at my online essay, “Definitions, Dictionaries, and Meanings”, at www.sfu.ca/ph…definitions.htm . […]

Caine at FRDB posted a very nice article that I will post here as well for others to enjoy. Do not be fooled by the title. It is very much science and not your typical newspaper rant about a particular sex. Roy F. Baumeister – Is There Anything Good About Men? I made a nice […]

It has been some time since I read this book but I got distracted about writing my review of it. Basically, I set out to learn something about the history of english. This being an interest of mine and also relevant to my much stronger interest in language reform. I imagined that I would learn […]