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Ever been annoyed by the overly long links one gets when one tries to copy a link from Google? Here is an example:

These are very annoying and their function is just to allow Google to track and see which link you actually clicked. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of them (at least if one is using Firefox which is my favorite browser).

So, after installing GreaseMoney and a suitable script (I tried one first that didn’t work), here is what happens when I copypasta the link again:

What is good philosophy, and how to tell

An example “I remember someone criticizing something I posted as being too simple and homely (its virtues being that it was clear and obviously true, unlike the post to which I was responding), instead of the difficult foolishness that was preferred by that individual. It can be hard going trying to slog through some of the drivel that has been written. The difficulty does not make it not total crap.” -Pyrrho the younger.

The source is here.