Activity is falling on my blogs, for multiple reasons: 1) I now post links and quotes other places than on my blogs, in general. Catch me on Google+. 2) I have started talking more filosofy, wich causes my desire to rite filosofy to decreas a bit. 3) I am currently reading non-filosofy literature, and it […]

Read this exchange. Calculating in non-base 10 is so very hard, even for bright individuals. However, it has not always been like this. I think that I will rite a computer program (in free pascal) that can calculate different bases, just to train me to think in a non-standard way.

“Some research has explicitly evaluated the effects of phenotypic similarity. DeBruine (2002) tested subjects in a two-stage trust game, where they had an opportunity  to win larger rewards but also risked being cheated, if and only if they trusted their partner in the first stage. Computer morphing techniques were used to  create different facial images […]

“Most importantly, Galton and all other eugenicists prior to the 1970s made the fundamental error of believing that heredity is a means by which nature reproduces organisms. Today we know that fundamentally the truth of heredity is the exact opposite of this apparently obvious situation: organisms evolve to reproduce their DNA (the organic polymer that […]