Amitai Shenhav, David G. Rand, and Joshua D. Greene – Divine Intuition Cognitive Style Influences Belief in God A very interesting study. Be sure to also check out Greene’s website wich has a lot of useful material. Also, thanks to Gene Expression for letting me no about this study. Edited to add Here is the […]

I red these today and needed an easy way to share them. Enjoy. Christopher Eppig, Corey L. Fincher and Randy Thornhill – Parasite prevalence and the worldwide distribution of cognitive ability Christopher Hassall, Thomas N. Sherratt – Statistical inference and spatial patterns in correlates of IQ Donald I. Templer, Hiroko Arikawa – Temperature, skin color, […]

I am taking a metafysics class1 and last lectur’s topic was time travel. That is an issu i sort of like but i dislike the way people discuss it, in general. Ther is a widespred lack of clarity and lack of training in the relevant logics (that is, modal logics: alethic logic and temporal logic). […]

”Any attempt to deduce F propositions from M propositions would perpetrate the fallacy of negating the antecedent, one of two forms jokingly known as modus morons, The Way of the Moron.” (JENNY TEICHMAN – The Intellectual Capacity of David Stove) LOL :D

I am taking an advanced logic class this semester. Som of the reading material has been posted in our internal system. I’ll post it here so that others may get good use of it as well. The text in question is John Nolt’s Logics chp. 11-12. I remade the pdfs so that they ar smaller […]