Lakoff, p. 148 “Let us consider a simple example of a presupposition. (a) I regret that Harry left. (b) I don’t regret that Harry left. (c) Harry left. Normally, the speaker who says (a) or its negation, (b), is taking (c) for granted. In the 1960s there were two alternatives available for trying to account […]

SJ Gould What, if anything, is a zebra? It was referencd in the Lakoff book that im reeding. Prety intersting, IMO. Has to do with how we clasify animals into ‘natural kinds’. For most groups of species, this is not a problem, but it is for Zebras. I found the esay on Google and ran […]

[Disclaimer: this article is written in reformed english.] Many peeple hav sayd to me that they hav tryed reeding ebooks but that it is too uncomfortable for them. I will discuss my thots about this situation below. Using desktops Sitting in front of the computer One typically sits at a desktop computer with a chair, […]

First reed the original article in Nature. (Alternativ download) It is a sensible article but consider: “In the meantime, ethnicity or race may in some cases provide useful information in biomedical contexts, just as other categories, such as gender or age, do. But the potential usefulness of race must be balanced against potential hazards. Ignorance […]

Recently, i hav been reeding som books on alternativ medicin (the other being Trick or treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial) and sience in general. This is one of them. It is eesy to reed, and funny at times. I recommend it to peeple that want to no the eevils of alternativ medicin and mainstreem medicin […]