Clasics can be found here: How to write a scientific paper: Be sure to NOT submit it here:, found via: (also quite funy) Apples and Oranges — A Comparison:

For som reeson i started reeding about peer review, and i ended up reeding a lot of interesting articles. Two quotes stand out, copyd from the Criticism section: “There seems to be no study too fragmented, no hypothesis too trivial, no literature too biased or too egotistical, no design too warped, no methodology too […]

“In the “weak form,” it is a sound, harmless, and on occasion useful application of elementary logic: if x is a necessary condition for the existence of y, and y exists, then x exists. If consciousness depends on complex physical structures, and complex structures depend on large molecules composed of elements heavier than hydrogen and […]

Exerpt from Possible Worlds. It is a pees of very useful information. ——— Janus-faced sentences The method of possible-worlds testing is not only an invaluable aid towards resolving ambiguity; it is also an effective weapon against a particular form of-linguistic sophistry. Thinkers often deceive themselves and others into supposing that they have discovered a profound […]