IMO, thees ar interesting in the kreativity thru limitation kind of way. Som great films among them. Method Inklusion kriteria: Any film mention on a paj that kontains a list of such films. A such film nown by me. Exklusion kriteria: If it is nown to me to not be at rufly one lokation. If […]

I was thinking and doing som reserch about one of my kurent projects: Making an English languaj that is syntakialy limited such that it makes posible automatik translation into lojikal formalism. I stumbled akros som prety interesting artikles listed below: One of them has a website wher one kan find an introduktion to the […] The evidens seems to be mixed. This is an unfortunate situation bekus it is a forsed chois: one has to eether take vitamins or not. The kost is the risk of geting too many vitamins, som of wich ar danjerus if one gets too many. And the kost of buying the vitamins, as […] Mass hysteria anyone? But then again, mass hysteria does not kaus mental retardation AFAIN [as far as i no]. I think the kloo [clue] with the unusual food is the best kloo: “Other recommendations are; a need for strengthening of the surveillance and obtain cases house by house during national immunization days […]

This is about the kontroversy that hapened after Dawkins published his The Selfish Gene book. I was reeding Dennett’s Darwin’s Dangerous Idea wen i saw a referens to the kontroversy (p. 362). Having diskused it befor (with the mod on FRDB with the unrememberable name that begins with A), i resently diskovered that i hav […] David Rosenhan – On being sane in insane places – 1973 Reed and weep. Think about it next time u watch one of the many films deeling with this problem, e.g.:

Reeding Wikipedia’s entry on the subjekt very much gives me the impresion that this is another term that we shud do away with (taboo). I.e., we shud stop using it and use som other mor useful konsept. Primarily, two such konsepts has been popularized: anti-social personality disorder (aka. ASPD) and dissocial personality disorder. Other […] I noticed one thing today wile reeding Wikipedia articles (a hoby of mine that consumes a surprisingly larj amount of time). Supose one wanted to abreviate “konsentration” (equiv. of EN “koncentration”). One myt use “kons.”. But sins that in DA definit articles ar aded as sufixes to words and ar not expresed with a […]