1 Introduction Currently, there is no free, open source proper alternative to Magic Online. This makes it hard to play for many people because the cards are extremely expensive or simply unavailable in many countries. Currently, to the best of my knowledge, the best free but not open source program out there to play MTG […]

A rewrite of something I wrote earlier. This time in standard English as to make it easier to get people to read. — Q: I want to get into philosophy, where do I start? A: There are generally 4 approaches to getting into philosophy. They overlap somewhat. 1) Historical approach. Start with the oldest and […]

OP: “I’ve been pondering. Why have so few significant female writers been produced (or auteurs for that matter)? Visual media is overflowing with female talent. However, behind the scenes where looks bear no weight, women are hardly seen. (An interesting side note: Every single song from female singers revolves around men/love)” Cool guy: because en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_capital […]

THE ACCURACY OF INFERENCES ABOUT CRIMINALITY But they didnt control for IQ which is strange. They even mention it that one can spot intelligent people: “As far as empirical findings in support of the accuracy of judgments based on facial appearance, the evidence is sparse but generally positive. To date, accurate assessments from facial appearance […]

In a discussion about this picture “Math student here. The majority of the math that they teach in high school is completely worthless to the average person. The curriculum here in Ontario is particularly bad: there are a bunch of mandatory courses that are all building up to calculus, but then the first calculus course […]

gordon-1997-everyday-life-as-an-intelligence-test-effects-of-intelligence-and-intelligence-context (Thanks to this guy for making me aware of the paper) “Take, for example, complaints concerning a Year IV-6 Stanford-Binet item, which shows three pairs of sharply contrasting drawings of faces and asks, “Which one is prettier ?” The item has been held up to ridicule as an example of “aesthetic comparison,” which is […]

www.amazon.com/against-prohibitionism-roadmap-controlled-re-legalization/dp/0984690409/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332698625&sr=8-1 www.world-war-d.com/ One can support the author by buying ‘the book’ from his site. This applies for the ebook version as well. Alternatively, one can just click here: World war-D Altho i recommend supporting the author in this case. The book is a decent book on drug prohibition. It has a history (with lots of speculative […]

www.amazon.com/Psychology-Applied-Modern-Life-Adjustment/dp/1111186634/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332697052&sr=8-1 I heard of the book from LessWrong. I was reading the series about the science of winning at life by Lukeprog and he recommended this book if one had to read a single book on applied psychology. And so i did. Some preliminary things: The book is stupidly expensive (~130 USD), so if ur […]

It seems to me that Descartes’ book “Meditations on First Philosophy” should have been called “First Philosophy of Medications”. He was clearly a multi-substance user. ;) Also, other lame puns If one eats live breakfast multiple times, is one then a cereal killer? – If one is looking for a future spouse who is okay […]