But for all that Einstein’s faith in simplicity was strong, he despaired of giving a precise, formal characterization of how we assess the simplicity of a theory. In 1946 he wrote about the perspective of simplicity (here termed the “inner perfection” of a theory): This point of view, whose exact formulation meets with great […] An interesting proposal to fix the unfair genetic advantage that some people have over other people in the olympics (or any competition at all). He proposes: “To begin with, Olympic athletes all start out with a completely unfair advantage over those of us who will never snatch, clean or jerk at a world-class level: […]

I just wanted to do a quick study using Wikipedia. Well, that didnt happen. On the other hand, now i learned alot about nuclear power. Starting with 1 tab open, i eventually had to open a metatab in Firefox. The number of tabs in this metatab rose exponentially from 1 to 38 tabs. I have […] Lots of interesting correlations! “Intelligence and knowledge Openness correlates with intelligence, correlation coefficients ranging from about r = .30 to r = .45.[11] Openness is moderately associated with crystallized intelligence, but only weakly with fluid intelligence.[11][12] A study examining the facets of openness found that the Ideas and Actions facets had modest positive correlations […]   The entire genomes of 91 human sperm from one man have been sequenced by Stanford University researchers. The results provide a fascinating glimpse into naturally occurring genetic variation in one individual, and are the first to report the whole-genome sequence of a human gamete — the only cells that become a child and […]

Official loation. Download mirror: Copyright and Innovation The Untold Story   It reads like a series of cases studies of how horribly the current legislation is being abused.     Abstract: Copyright has an innovation problem. Judicial decisions, private enforcement, and public dialogue ignore innovation and overemphasize the harms of copyright infringement. Just to pick […]

  He is a pretty cool guy himself: “In 1838, Babbage invented the pilot (also called a cow-catcher), the metal frame attached to the front of locomotives that clears the tracks of obstacles.[37] He also constructed a dynamometer car and performed several studies on Isambard Kingdom Brunel‘s Great Western Railway in about […]

This book was mediocre. I read it for two reasons. I have been considering what short introduction book is the best to give people who say that they want to get into filosofy. This is hard to know without having read alot of them. This is at least my 3rd, not counting the history-based introduction […]