Steven Pinker – The Blank Slate The Modern Denial of Human Nature free ebook download pdf   i read this som time ago, but didnt put it on my site. here it is. its a great read. Gene Expression considers it a must read. at least, the old layout of the site did. AGAINST PHILOSOPHY WHY PHILOSOPHY GETS NO RESPECT A TAXONOMY of philosophy & A REVIEW of the successes and failures of 20th Century academic philosophy This is a pretty odd paper. At first i was very critical of it. But its really a hard job to diagnosticize what is wrong with filosofy, exactly becus filosofy […]

I recently came across an interesting journal: It was becus of a recent issue about the status of psychology as a scientific field. Its both distressing and very interesting reading. Here are the papers: Editors Introduction to the Special Section on Replicability in Psychological Science A Crisis of Confidence? Is the Replicability Crisis Overblown […]

Do Bad Things Happen When Works Enter the Public Domain Empirical Tests of Copyright Term Extension   The most interesting thing about this paper was the arguments put forward by the supporters of copyright extension. They are so distressingly bad that it seems pointless to empirically test them. Theoretical arguments are sufficient to show […]

Steven Weinberg “Against Philosophy” Great text. The beginning: Physicists get so much help from subjective and often vague aesthetic judgments that it might be expected that we would be helped also by philosophy, out of which after all our science evolved. Can philosophy give us any guidance toward a final theory? The value today of […]     The hypothesised Hierarchy of the Sciences (henceforth HoS) is reflected inmany social and organizational features of academic life. When 222 scholars rated their perception of similarity between academic disciplines, results showed a clustering along three main dimensions: a ‘‘hard/soft’’ dimension, which roughly corresponded to the HoS; a ‘‘pure/applied’’ dimension, which reflected the […]

Foot Voting, Federalism, and Political Freedom PDF     Just as foot voting can be expanded all the way down to the local level, there is also a strong case for extending it “all the way up” to the international level. The potential gains from freer international foot voting in some respects dwarf those that […]

How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement? pdf   I was curious to read this article becus of all the bad things ive heard about it. however, it turned out to be not what i expected at all. its a very sensible well-researched well-written article. not at all any racist bigotry. it cud […]

[11:22:42] The Midget – Miao: Who the fuck is Isstsidwmnh? [11:23:09] The Midget – Miao: [05:52:19] Isstsidwmnh: We have no capacity to falsify the existence of reality. That does not mean we throw away reality. In fact… that means we embrace it! [05:52:32] Isstsidwmnh: If something is too obviously true, then my only criticism is […] So, on the face of it, this thesis has here been inferred from Leibniz’ Law. Moore observes, however, that the step from (1) to (2) is invalid; it confuses the necessity of a connection with the necessity of the consequent. In ordinary language this distinction is not clearly marked, although it is easy to […]