So, after posting the previus post i started reading about seasteading. its really interesting. here ar som mor links useful overview, lots of links to sources mainstream introduction to the subject a pragmatic approach to seasteading. very much worth reading. about 25 pages. a commerciel approach […]

How to Start Your Own Country – Erwin S. Strauss free ebook download pdf   Its a short easily read book about how to start ur own country. IMO the theoretical chapters wer the most interesting, altho som of the case studies wer interesting as well. i got interested in the topic after having heard […]

The One World Schoolhouse – Salman Khan ebook free download pdf This is a short, easy to read, nonacademic (few references) book. it has som shortcomings on matters dealing with test taking and intelligence tests, but isnt that important for the main topics of the book. this book shud be read by anyone interested in […]

I was researching a different topic and came across this paper. I was rewatching the Everything is a remix series. Then i looked up som mor relevant links, and came across these videos. One of them mentioned this article. Complex to the ear but simple to the mind (Nicholas J Hudson) Abstract: Background: The biological […]

Background Lately I’ve been interested in cluster analysis and factor analysis. These two families of analyses have extremely many practical data-related uses. So far I’ve begun cluster analyzing Wikipedia to get an overall idea about the structure of human knowledge (how cool is that?). I’ve also read Arthur Jensen’s The g Factor to get an […]

The g factor, the science of mental ability – Arthur R. Jensen, ebook download pdf free   This is a very interesting book. Without a doubt the best about intelligence that i hav read so far. I definitely recommend reading it if one is interested in psychometrics. It can serve as a long, good, but […]

Intelligence and semen quality are positively correlated Human cognitive abilities inter-correlate to form a positive matrix, from which a large first factor, called ‘Spearman’s g’ or general intelligence, can be extracted. General intelligence itself is correlated with many important health outcomes including cardio-vascular function and longevity. However, the important evolutionary question of whether intelligence is […]

Biological Sex Differences in the Workplace Reports of the End of Men Are Greatly Exaggerated (As Are Claims of Women’s Continued Subordination) decent paper about sex differences in jobs. abstract: Common examples of what is perceived as workplace inequality–such as the “glass ceiling,” the “gender gap” in compensation, and occupational segregation–cannot be well understood if […]

Fashionable Nonsense, Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science – Alan Sokal, Jean Bricmont ebook download pdf free   The book contains the best single chapter on filosofy of science that iv com across. very much recommended, especially for those that dont like filosofers’ accounts of things. alot of the rest of the book is devoted to […]