Social Structure and Language Structure the New Nomothetic Approach found via Gene Expression, Recent studies have taken advantage of newly available, large-scale, cross-linguistic data and new statistical techniques to look at the relationship between language structure and social structure. These ‘nomothetic’ approaches contrast with more traditional approaches and a tension is observed between proponents […]

I forgot to mention that i hav riten a post about polymathy and copyriet reform over at Project Polymath. Reposted below. Direct link to post. —- Introduction Polymaths are people with a deep knowledge of multiple academic fields, and often various other interests as well, especially artistic, but sometimes even things like tropical exploring. Here […]

The impact of genetic enhancement on equality found via another paper: The rhetoric and reality of gap closing—when the “have-nots” gain but the “haves” gain even more (Stephen J. Ceci and Paul B. Papierno), which i was reading becus i was reading varius papers on Linda Gottfredson’s homepage. Abstract: There apparently  is a genuine  possibility  that  […]

i hav riten about it befor, but here is som mor i came acros. Found via: For general public: Background material for the curious: Blog series: Other:

GALTON AND THE COMING OF EMPIRICAL PSYCHOLOGY All the early influences on differential psychology mentioned so far came from philosophers. None was an empirical scientist. Darwin was, of course, but Darwinian ideas were introduced into psychology by Herbert Spencer, a pro­ fessional philosopher. The empirical study of mental ability and individual dif­ ferences could not […]

From here. btw this thread was one of the many discussions that helped form my views about what wud later become the essay about begging the question, and the essay about how to define “deductive argument” and “inductive argument”. Reconstructo  Do you know much about Jung’s theory of archetypes? If so, what do you make […]

From here. – Kennethamy Frankly I cannot answer your question about Lancan because I really don’t understand what he is saying. However, let me ask you, in turn, what you think about the following quotation from Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. I think it is relevant to this discussion. We are under the illusion that what is […]

From here. – Kennethamy So many threads ask whether this or that is logical. Is probabllity logical? Are moral arguments logical? And so on. I never know what it is being asked by such questions. Is there something clear and specific that is being asked by the question, is X logical? What is it? Kroni […]