Eriksson, Anders, and Francisco Lacerda. “Charlatanry in forensic speech science: A problem to be taken seriously.” International Journal of Speech, Language and the Law 14.2 (2007): 169-193.   I came across this study while doing research on false rape accusations… yes i get around. :P   In the peer-reviewed academic article “Charlatanry in […]

Retaking ability tests in a selection setting implications for practice effects, training performance, and turnover Found via   –   Abstract This field study investigated the effect of retaking identical selection tests on subsequent test scores of 4,726 candidates for law enforcement positions. For both cognitive ability and oral communication ability selection tests, candidates […]

Waterhouse, Lynn. “Multiple intelligences, the Mozart effect, and emotional intelligence: A critical review.” Educational Psychologist 41.4 (2006): 207-225. Gardner, Howard, and Seana Moran. “The science of multiple intelligences theory: A response to Lynn Waterhouse.” Educational psychologist 41.4 (2006): 227-232. Rauscher, Frances H., and Sean C. Hinton. “The Mozart effect: Music listening is not music instruction.” […]

(from A natural history of negation) i had been thinking about a similar idea. but these work fine as a beginning. a good hierarchy needs a lvl for approximate truth as well (like Newton’s laws), as well as actual truths. but also perhaps a dimension for the relevance of the information conveyed. a sentence can […]

Men and women are from Earth Examining the latent structure of gender. Understanding Dimensions and Taxa One reason why the underlying nature of gender differences has been difficult to address is that although biological sex is clearly a categorical variable, the variables commonly of interest to re- searchers and laypersons alike tend to be dimensional […]

From somone named <Anonymous> on G+ i saw a link to a blogpost from a doctor about the dangers of fouride. that sounded interesting but potentially nutty (conspiracy nuts like such ideas). from reading the discussion at varius sites it was still unclear what i shud believe. so i downloaded the actual study cited and […]