Battle of the sexes: island survival edition

I don’t know of any scientific studies, but there’s been a bunch of shows where they put teams of women and men on islands and had them try to survive etc. The results were quite predictable, though I want to note that the producers could have biased things by picking particularly incompetent women and competent men. Given the left-wing bias in the media, seems unlikely they would have done such a thing. In fact, they probably did it the other way around to minimize any outcome gaps.

I didn’t find any more formal review of these, so here’s my attempted at a more curated list. I have downloaded copies of these videos in case for when Youtube deletes them as being too accurate of reality insensitive.

A lot of these are not in English. It seems that every country tried these on their own and had to learn the result that way. Most of them have subs.

Commentaries by others, mostly redpill-y people:

Dutch Expedition Robinson (Survivor)

Survivor UK

Maybe also has another name. Unclear.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of these, but I didn’t immediately find them again when writing this post.

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