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March 20, 2018

How much should you trust IQ etc. information from The Guardian? Experts answer: not so much

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There’s an interesting slide in Rindermann’s survey:

I’ve edited it to be in a single image (from 3). Do we have an estimate of relative media left-wingness for these? Some of them are US, so presumably would be covered in Left Turn‘s results. Others are international, however, so one would have to try to compare between countries. It can be done if they all put out at least some material in English, one can use the algos on to estimate political position. A simpler alternative is to have blind raters estimate the outlets.

I wish to make a public prediction that there will be a correlation between objective and human rated left-wingness of outlet and inaccurate reporting on IQ.

The Guardian has recently been telling us that races don’t real, IQ no work, researchers are evil Nazis etc.:


4 articles in only 3 months with more or less the same general theme. However, intelligence experts think that you generally shouldn’t take The Guardian too seriously on IQ etc. matters.

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