Relation to Søren Kierkegaard?


Also, his name is Kierkegaard, whereas mine is Kirkegaard, no silent <e>. The word means graveyard (also see below) in Danish. Per 2015, 2,656 persons in Denmark have my last name (about .05%). Only 281 have kierkegaard.

Søren Kierkegaard had no children, so it is impossible to descent from him.

My great great something grand father’s name was Søren Kirkegaard. However, this family name derives from the fact that the family had a large farm next to the church (DA kirke cognate with the English word, cf. kirk), which gives rise to the double meaning of the name: graveyard vs. church farm. The modern spelling is kirkegård (since 1948).

Incidentally, I hate his philosophy (neurotic Christianity).

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