In the media

Some media appearances. Not everything will be listed as most media mentions are just copies of what other media write.

Talks and interviews — see this page

Media mentions by date and topic

These are in English unless otherwise noted.

OKCupid dataset release — May 2016

There are many more on this topic as it was a worldwide media event.

Adam Perkins attack affair — February 2017

For unknown reasons, some people decided to make up spelling errors and attack Adam Perkins for reposting official labor statistics. Lots of claims about lack of peer review, no source given etc., when it would have taken a total of maybe 5 minutes to find the actual source and verify the numbers. The first plot is not even mine, but was simply reused in my paper. It is from Norwegian & Finnish researchers (Skardhammar et al 2014). See also here.

The IQ of immigrants — March-April 2017

I think the second is a kinda sorta reply to the first, but I don’t know what the real motive is behind this hit piece. The journalist was deliberately misleading.

Pseudoscience — May 2017

Norwegian media researcher Petter B. Brandtzæg discusses me as an example of an ideological pseudoscientist. Unclear what prompted this mentioning. Perhaps the above, but seems unlikely given that these were in French.

Other weird stuff (no particular date)

Stuff that didn’t really fit in above, but was curious enough to save.

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