Also brought on here. ——————————– This article will focus on an evidentialist approach to knowledge. An evidentialist states the individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions for knowledge as: 1. S believes P. 2. P is true. 3. S’s belief that P is justified. However, this view was proven to be inadequate because that there […]

I want to add my comments to the argument from movement, as a “rationally compelling argument for the existence of God” as worded by punkforchrist (henceforth pfc). It might as well be called a rebuttal. Pfc presents the first part of his case here, as a part of formal debate on between him and […]

Malintent: 78% of all statistics are completely made up. Wyz_sub10: …but only 31% of all people know that. Smullyan-esque: And 10 out of 9 people just can’t understand statistics at all. Deleet: Priceless! Kilde

Dette er diskussionsafsnittet skrevet til engelsk opgave omhandlende et nyt GPS-system. The assignment is: “Discuss what you see as the most important aspects of the GPS technology. Give your arguments. (min. 300 words) Immediately when I was reading the article, I noted a couple of problems, which I will elaborate: Technology optimism versus technology pessimism […]

Af Emil Kirkegaard Afleveret som engelsk stil, derfor er der et resume, men jeg tænkte, at diskussionen var værd at poste her også. Artiklen der refereres til hedder “Dances with robots”. Karakter givet: 10 (ny skala).   A. ΣMary (hint hint) Japan is currently attempting to create robots that look and act more like humans, […]

Argument from Morality? Af Emil Kirkegaard Man hører nogle gange fra teister, at ateister ingenting har at basere en (objektiv/absolut) moral på, da de mangler en Gud. Jeg har fremstillet deres argument således: P1. Der findes en objektiv/absolut moral. P2. Objektiv moral kræver en moralsk lovgiver. C3. Ergo der findes en moralsk lovgiver, kendt som […]