Humans love interactions, they tell interesting stories (however, no study has investigated this bias, AFAIK). However, statistics and nature hate interactions. Interactions in general have low prior, and because people fail to realize this properly, reports of interactions generally fail to replicate. This is also true for gene-environment interactions (GxE), the love-child of any would […]

This term deserves more widespread use, since the fallacy is still so common, more than 50 years after it was given a name. I have traced the naming of it back to 1969, in an obscure reply from Jensen to a critic: Jensen, A. R. (1969). Counter Response. Journal of Social Issues, 25, 219-222. (you […]

Modgil & C. Modgil (eds.). (1984). Arthur Jensen: consensus and controversy. Lewes, Sussex, Falmer Press In a book that’s not widely-read but should be, Thomas Bouchard notes in his chapter (The Hereditarian Research Program: Triumphs and Tribulations): A principal feature of the many critiques of hereditarian research is an excessive concern for purity, both in […]

Spier, R. (2002). Peer review and innovation. Science and Engineering Ethics, 8(1), 99-108. This little read paper from 2002 is worth quoting at length. It underlines the inability of peer review to identify important studies, and its role in guarding the status quo in the field. Based on such thinking, some people have come to […]

Sometimes people argue that one shouldn’t even be allowed to research race and intelligence causes. I’m sometimes asked directly why I choose to study this topic. Well, I could outline a number of reasons, but this would be endlessly quote mined by SJWs as proof of my wicked spirit. Of course, as usually noted, no […]

Thanks to Trannyporno for sending me this study. Algan, Y., Dustmann, C., Glitz, A., & Manning, A. (2010). The economic situation of first and second‐generation immigrants in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The Economic Journal, 120(542), F4-F30. A central concern about immigration is the integration into the labour market, not only of the first […]

Sweden, the land of feminism, of course constantly demands the government produces reports that prove the sex gap in incomes is caused by evil eyes men. So, the bureaucrats attempt to oblige and produce a stream of reports, all of which result conclusions like these: Den statistiska analysen visar att den genomsnittliga löneskillnaden nästan helt […]

In the program for the 2009 ISIR conference, we find something interesting: In Jelte’s CV from 2011, we see it too: It’s also there in the 2012 version, but it has disappeared in the 2014 version. Occasionally, one can find references to it in other places: and here: So, one might guess that it was […]