I have been tweeting annotated snippets from a WHO report I’m reading. Like this: Improving the health of your own citizens before foreigners? Not good! pic.twitter.com/HOix8gOZOr — Emil OW Kirkegaard (@KirkegaardEmil) August 8, 2017 Basically, the report does a decent job at summarizing the state of the art in 2002, and has some interesting notes […]

Open source tends to get into these sorts of situations… forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=202909 github.com/linuxmint/Cinnamon/issues/3981 bugs.launchpad.net/linuxmint/+bug/1620318 The workaround is to do this: Command: sh -c ‘sleep 0.1; gnome-screenshot -a’ I think what it does is force the computer to wait 0.1 second, and then activates the usual command. No idea why this works. man pages:

Richard Herrnstein, (1971), IQ, The Atlantic Had been looking for this one for years. Gwern managed to find it. I’ll host a mirror here. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the article is the introduction written by the editors. It ends thus: The Jensen report (as this article has come to be miscalled} dealt with […]

It could probably have been resolved decades ago, and definitely within the last 10 years with genomic data, yet it is still not. Why? Essentially, it’s because of bias in academia. It begins early: data access, then there’s authors’ own publication bias, then finally editorial and reviewing bias (all caused by lack of political/belief diversity […]

Given enough motivation, QRPs, biased reviewing and time, one can build an entire literature of studies proving anything. There’s plenty of all of these to prove left-wing ideological beliefs (and libertarian in economics). However, it is much harder to QRP large N datasets to give preferred results. So, what do large scale studies show about […]

Next up in my review series I picked something anti-libertarian. I ended up with We wanted workers, based on a recommendation by Heiner Rindermann. It turned out to be a great choice. Borjas is my type of researcher, in his words: One underlying theme of this book is that viewing immigrants as purely a collection […]

After reading a book defending limitations to free trade/protectionism, it was time for something completely different. So I looked around after any current, well-regarded (in their circles) Austrian libertarian economist. Because I know many ancap people, I just picked one of those they often mentioned: Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Looking over his Wikipedia profile, you’d probably get the general […]

Recently, I decided it was time for catching up on my to-read list. I try to read >=30 books a year, and I was behind, owing to spending a lot of time on company work. I also wanted to avoid reading too much of the same stuff. Two reasons. First, I want to avoid getting […]

So, Logitech software only works for Windows. Unfortunately, the sensitivity is extremely high by default, making the mouse much less useful. The extra buttons also have no function, which is annoying. So, I wanted to fix this. The mouse actually saves the setting on itself, meaning that the settings are plug-and-play-able. Meaning that my G502 […]