pdf version ————– On the prohibition of animated child pornography Emil Kirkegaard, member of Piratpartiet and essayist, emilkirkegaard.dk Translated by Jens Arhøj, translator and proofreader of Mr. Kirkegaard I will, in this essay, discuss the prohibition of animated child pornography and address a number of points. My sources are all the web sources I could […]

Immerse yourself in the energetic, innovative and potentially illegal world of mash-up media with RiP: A remix manifesto. Let web activist Brett Gaylor and musician Greg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, serve as your digital tour guides on a probing investigation into how culture builds upon culture in the information age. Biomedical engineer turned […]

Consider the phrase in the title in this paragraph: “each has a thumb, followed in order by four fingers: the index (or forefinger), the middle, the third, and the so-called little finger.” (Swartz, Beyond Experience, pp. 204-205) What are the conditions for its correct use? (Correct use is how it is commonly used by fluent […]