So, I am on my way home a Sunday in May and when I get into my apartment I find that my roommate has left his bike helmet on the kitchen table. Since I need to use the table, the helmet is in the way. I told him yesterday “Don’t lay the helmet there.”. I […]

Emil: There is an infinite number of possible Gods. Without evidence every guess is as good as the others or nearly so. The chance of guessing the right God is zero. Might as well not believe at all, same chances and you save the energy. McCannFan: Do you think that it is just as likely […]

Unaided and aided reasoning Humans reason about many things. Some things are more complex than other things. The more complex a thing is, the more probably it is that one will reason wrongly about it. For simple things the probability of unaided reasoning reasoning wrongly is not high. For complex things the probability of unaided […]

I was watching The Unbearable Lightness of Being when a scene suddenly made me realize a possible problem with regularity theory of physical laws and the ought implies can principle. Regularity theory’s view of physical impossibility Regularity theory implies that what it means to say that something is physically impossible is just to say that […]

“Philosophy, throughout its history, has consisted of two parts inharmoniously blended; on the one hand a theory as to the nature of the world, on the other an ethical or political doctrine as to the best way of living. The failure to separate these two with sufficient clarity has been a source of much confused […]

Fast: “We need to keep in mind that “I know that I know” is ambiguous between 1) I am certain and 2) I have knowledge that I know. The latter is very often true, but the former is very rarely true.” Emil: “Why do you think it is ambiguous between them? It seems to me […]

It has been thought for many years (especially since Hume’s first Enquiry1) that induction lacks a justification. This justification for induction, it has been thought for long, is necessarily if it is rational to use induction. The argument for why there is no justification, indeed there cannot be a justification, can be presented like this: […]