Wiploc’s second post I love these debates. My sincere thanks to FRDB, to the moderators, to the peanut gallery, and to Deleet. I completely concede that if, as Deleet suggests, we change all of my definitions to mean other things, then the LPoE (logical problem of evil) would fail. It would fail dramatically. It would […]

Intro In this very short essay I will argue that certain words cannot be defined by other words, and that certain words cannot be defined by bodylanguage. And if these two methods are the only methods for defining words, then words that cannot be defined by both methods cannot be defined at all. Then I […]

An agnostic opening post and my rebuttal. The debate can be found here. Opening post: “I was a Christian only as a young teenager. Eventually I left the faith, but since that time the issues of religion have always been of importance to me. I became increasingly interested in comparative religious studies, and in philosophy, […]

Abstract I have recently discussed whether omnipotence and omniscience are incompatible i.e. a being cannot have both properties at the same time. Much of the discussion was centered around an argument I invented some time ago. But before we look at the argument, we need to clarify what it meant by the concepts used. The […]