Science is a set of related methods that aim at finding true patterns about the world. These methods are generally designed so as to remove noise from random circumstances (the traditional focus of statistics) and human biases. Current practices are currently not very good at the second part due to the innumerable ways human biases […]

Goodreads. Libgen. This book is background material for CGPGrey’s great short film: So, if you saw that and are more curious, perhaps this book is for you. If the film above is not interesting to you, the book will be useless. Generally, the film conveys the topic better than the book, but the book of […]

Goodreads. Ebook. To those who don’t know Bostrom, he’s a prof of filosofy at Oxford. His book concerns superintelligence which is defined “any intellect that greatly exceeds the cognitive performance of humans in virtually all domains of interest“, even right-tail performance. The book is basically a series of comments about how to best go on […]

I’ve thought about this question a few times but haven’t found a good solution yet. The problem needs more attention. AI and computer recognition of images is getting better. I’ll go ahead and say that the probability of reaching the level where computers are as good at humans at any of kind of CAPTCHA/verify-I’m-not-a-bot-test within […]

Af Emil Kirkegaard Afleveret som engelsk stil, derfor er der et resume, men jeg tænkte, at diskussionen var værd at poste her også. Artiklen der refereres til hedder “Dances with robots”. Karakter givet: 10 (ny skala).   A. ΣMary (hint hint) Japan is currently attempting to create robots that look and act more like humans, […]