Amitai Shenhav, David G. Rand, and Joshua D. Greene – Divine Intuition Cognitive Style Influences Belief in God A very interesting study. Be sure to also check out Greene’s website wich has a lot of useful material. Also, thanks to Gene Expression for letting me no about this study. Edited to add Here is the […]

I noticed a small dissimilarity between the two words. As I have pointed out numerous times in the past, the phrase “I don’t believe that p” is ambiguous between belief in not-p and lack of belief in p. However the similar phrase for knowledge, “I don’t know that p” is not similarly ambiguous. It is […]

For some reason some people get these wrong. Phrase Translated phrase “I believe in God” “I believe that God exists” “I do not believe in God” “I do not believe that God exists” or “I believe that God does not exist” “I believe in faries” “I believe that faries exists” “I do not believe in […]

There is often some confusion surrounding the terms: belief, disbelief, agreement and disagreement when used in a philosophical context. We need to keep in mind that normal dictionary definitions are often not precise enough to be used in a philosophical context where precision and clarity are essential. (For analytic philosophy.) In this article I will […]

I was just discussing this over at I made the claim, which seemed intuitively true to me, that knowledge (JTB+) is a kind of belief. This caused some controversy. I made this simple illustration clarify how I intuitively grasped the idea. A flaw was discovered in the above. It implies (wrongly) that there are […]