Richard Lynn was so kind to send me a signed copy of his latest book. i immediately paused the reading of another book to read this one. some comments and quotes are below. quotes are from the ebook version of the book which i found on the internet. Richard Lynn, Tatu Vanhanan – Intelligence, a […]

Some thoughts on the current situation Altho the publishers have recently made it more difficult than it was earlier to get ahold of ebooks, it is still possible. What the publishers have done is shut down the largest collection of links to cyberlockers. Also, the Megaupload take-down made many other cyberlockers disallow sharing of […]

Recently, i hav been reeding som books on alternativ medicin (the other being Trick or treatment: Alternative Medicine on Trial) and sience in general. This is one of them. It is eesy to reed, and funny at times. I recommend it to peeple that want to no the eevils of alternativ medicin and mainstreem medicin […]