This is a break from the usual technical sciency stuff! I talked with John Fuerst about how weird it is that people all over the Western world were watching the same American produced cartoons as a child. A kind of pan-Western world environmental effect, if there are any long term effects of watching these, aside […] Somewhat surprising Denmark and Norway (difference perhaps not statistically significant) are at the top. I was expecting to see France because most english words have french or latin (both romance languages) origin. (Source) However, now that i see the data i can think of some reasons why scandinavians are good at english. First, the […]

I was thinking and doing som reserch about one of my kurent projects: Making an English languaj that is syntakialy limited such that it makes posible automatik translation into lojikal formalism. I stumbled akros som prety interesting artikles listed below: One of them has a website wher one kan find an introduktion to the […]