Merely a translation of the danish version here. Translation keys Domains D:x = things D:y = things D:t = moments One variable predicates Ex = x exists At = the world was created at time t Two variable predicates Cxy = x created y Three variable predicates Kxyt = x created y at time t […]

Source. Gamgee wrote: In the Ontological Argument, Anselm refutes Guanilo’s Perfect Island criticism by stating that God has Aseity. Anselm does not, as far as i know, make any attempt to prove that God has Aseity, or even if Aseity is logically possible. I argue that it is not, for the following reason: 1) We […]

Abstract The problem is how freely we are ‘allowed’ to define things. In this essay I will address a definition similar to “x is the source of …”. I conclude that we ought not to allow such definitions. the-source-of-e280a6-and-definitions

I want to add my comments to the argument from movement, as a “rationally compelling argument for the existence of God” as worded by punkforchrist (henceforth pfc). It might as well be called a rebuttal. Pfc presents the first part of his case here, as a part of formal debate on between him and […]