I noticed a small dissimilarity between the two words. As I have pointed out numerous times in the past, the phrase “I don’t believe that p” is ambiguous between belief in not-p and lack of belief in p. However the similar phrase for knowledge, “I don’t know that p” is not similarly ambiguous. It is […]

Fast: “We need to keep in mind that “I know that I know” is ambiguous between 1) I am certain and 2) I have knowledge that I know. The latter is very often true, but the former is very rarely true.” Emil: “Why do you think it is ambiguous between them? It seems to me […]

Emil Kirkegaard I have already expanded a bit on certain problematic aspects of the JTB+ theory. In this essay I will expand on a certain methodological feature: If you’re “looking” from the 1. person perspective, then there is little or no difference between justified belief and knowledge. Just to recap, JTB+ is a theory of […]

I was just discussing this over at FreeRatio.org. I made the claim, which seemed intuitively true to me, that knowledge (JTB+) is a kind of belief. This caused some controversy. I made this simple illustration clarify how I intuitively grasped the idea. A flaw was discovered in the above. It implies (wrongly) that there are […]

Also brought on IIDB.org here. ——————————– This article will focus on an evidentialist approach to knowledge. An evidentialist states the individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions for knowledge as: 1. S believes P. 2. P is true. 3. S’s belief that P is justified. However, this view was proven to be inadequate because that there […]