It is common to talk about traits being monogenic or polygenic. We say that Sickle-cell disease is monogenic because its heritable variation among humans can be accounted for by a single locus of genetic variation. Or more accurately, we say that 100% of the heritable variation can be accounted for by variation in that genetic […]

It is often said that polygenic traits are based on tons of causal variants each of which has a very small effect size. What is less often discussed is the distribution of these effect sizes, although this has some implications. The first statistical importance is that we may want to modify our hyperprior if using […]

A PDF of this paper without formatting errors can be downloaded here. Abstract I review recent findings in human behavioral genetics and their implications for selective breeding and estimation of genotypic racial differences in polygenic traits. Key words: behavioral genetics, cognitive ability, GWAS, intelligence, IQ, race, selective breeding, embryo selection, genetic engineering, educational attainment 1. […]