This post is unusually blunt because the topic concerns some rather serious criticism leveled against me. This necessitates replying with some facts that I’ve used for self-assessment purposes. In case you missed it, my post the mental and behavioral problems of kids with parents from different races generated some furor. I replied to the first […]

This book is written by one of the persons behind Skeptical Science, a website debunking pseudoscience in the area of climatology and global warning, very much like Talk Origins debunks evolution related pseudoscience. The book itself has more of a meta style and does not cover all arguments put forward by climate contrarians. After all, […]

Some researchers are just more interesting than others to you than others. So when I find one that has written something very interesting, I attempt to find their other papers to see if they have produced more interesting stuff. This is another such person. Lilienfeld writes about science and pseudoscience with regards to psychology, especially […]

Waterhouse, Lynn. “Multiple intelligences, the Mozart effect, and emotional intelligence: A critical review.” Educational Psychologist 41.4 (2006): 207-225. Gardner, Howard, and Seana Moran. “The science of multiple intelligences theory: A response to Lynn Waterhouse.” Educational psychologist 41.4 (2006): 227-232. Rauscher, Frances H., and Sean C. Hinton. “The Mozart effect: Music listening is not music instruction.” […]

I recently acquired these (yes, bought them). Enjoy! Fashionable Nonsense, Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science – Alan Sokal, Jean Bricmont beyond the hoax – alan sokal

Richard Feynman Surely Youre Joking Mr Feynman v5 ebook download free pdf   this is a fun, easy to read book. i was told to read it by a friend. i read it to avoid doing the linguistics tests im supposed to do. useful procrastination ftw!   As usual, comments and quotes below ——————————————   Another […]

317 pages. Can be found here. ETA: Apparently, that link got DMCA’d. Here is the book: The.March.of.Unreason.Science.Democracy.and.the.New.Fundamentalism I thought it was an interesting read. It is one long rant against unreasonable people at various places in life. It has a chapter on: Alternative medicine, organic farming, GM crops, fundamentalist environmentalism, globalization, and reason and democracy. […]

Wikipedia about it. Download Martin Gardner – Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science. Thanks to the person who made this available to me via email. You know who you are if you’re reading this. The book is consists of a series of chapters about different pseudoscientific ideas. It’s a must read for someone […]