Taifho project


  • Emil, project lead, AI design
  • Jeppe Mosgaard Dakin, programmer, graphic design
  • ???, programmer (see Status)

With thanks to Samuel Mossberg.


The goal is to make an electronic version of the board game that runs in a browser. And design an AI for it that can beat any human player.

Current status is that we have a working version in MatLab code. It works over LAN, so it is possible to play over the internet with pseudoLAN such as Hamachi.

There is a working AI that can beat some players, even good ones if they don't pay attention. The AI has troubles dealing with the end game however. In the future, the idea is to use evolutionary algorithms to create a better AI, using weighted heuristics.


Version as of 10th august 2012.

Some relevant writings

Some in Danish, possibly incomplete and fragmentory.


Taifho - rules and ideas for desyn of an electronic verion and ideas for creating an AI

Taifho, kort om spillet

Taifho, teori og strategi

Theory and AI

More in dropbox.

Screenshot (with some numbers on it)


31. august 2012

We are in need of a programmer who can either rewrite the code in another language based on the code from Matlab, or write a new game in another language. This is because the game needs to be able to run in a browser.

Need to invent more heuristics before beginning testing using evolutionary algorithms, see dropbox for more information and some proposed heuristics.

It would be nice for someone to do a game theory analysis of the game.