After reading a book defending limitations to free trade/protectionism, it was time for something completely different. So I looked around after any current, well-regarded (in their circles) Austrian libertarian economist. Because I know many ancap people, I just picked one of those they often mentioned: Hans-Hermann Hoppe. Looking over his Wikipedia profile, you’d probably get the general […]

Recently, I decided it was time for catching up on my to-read list. I try to read >=30 books a year, and I was behind, owing to spending a lot of time on company work. I also wanted to avoid reading too much of the same stuff. Two reasons. First, I want to avoid getting […]

The impact of genetic enhancement on equality found via another paper: The rhetoric and reality of gap closing—when the “have-nots” gain but the “haves” gain even more (Stephen J. Ceci and Paul B. Papierno), which i was reading becus i was reading varius papers on Linda Gottfredson’s homepage. Abstract: There apparently  is a genuine  possibility  that  […]

Miguel-Lamas-Establishment-of-Autonomous-Ocean-Communities-English FIXD Found via the Seasteading Institute Blog. —- Abstract “Establishment of autonomous ocean communities: current options and their future evolution” Dissertation presented as a requirement to obtain a Doctoral Degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. The idea of establishing floating cities in the oceans has been addressed in the past within the ambition […]

So, after posting the previus post i started reading about seasteading. its really interesting. here ar som mor links useful overview, lots of links to sources mainstream introduction to the subject a pragmatic approach to seasteading. very much worth reading. about 25 pages. a commerciel approach […]

Very interesting two papers by Somin! I will definitely check out his other stuff when i have time. I just took the time off reading papers before i start reading book #2 on patents (Against Intellectual Monopoly). Deliberative Democracy and Political Ignorance –   ABSTRACT: Advocates of ‘‘deliberative democracy’’ want citizens to actively participate in […]

Knowledge About Ignorance New Directions in the Study of Political Information Quotes from   If political ignorance is rational and most voters choose not to learn much about politics for that reason, widespread ignorance is a phenom- enon that democracies will probably have to live with for the foresee- able future. The challenge for democracy […]