This text used to be hosted at Shalizi‘s university website, but it was recently taken down for unknown reasons. However, Internet Archive saves us, and I repost it here because it’s interesting and so it doesn’t get lost. This text has circulated quite a number of times on Usenet, and so far as I know […]

Cambridge.University.Press.Analyzing.Grammar.An.Introduction.Jun.2005 free pdf download   Overall, there is nothing much to say about this book. It covers most stuff. Neither particularly good, or interesting, or particularly bad or uninteresting, IMO. — Forexample, what is the meaning of the word hello? What information does it convey? It is a very difficult word to define, but every […] I cudnt find it online due to the dam copyright trolls. – Same with this one. – Noam Chomsky on nonsense pomo. Since no one has succeeded in showing me what I’m missing, we’re left with the second option: I’m just incapable of understanding. I’m certainly willing to grant that […]